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Tasty, Nutritious School Lunches


Dorset's Premier School Meals Provider

We provide school meals to schools across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and Central Dorset.  Our culinary teams work hard every term to bring the children in our schools healthy, fresh and tasty meals.

Allergen Management & Special Diets

Allergen Management is a significant factor in the lives of many people today.  We have found that 99% of any allergens in our schools are either Dairy, Egg or Gluten related.  So, between the Main meal, the Vegetarian Meal and the Jacket Potato each day, we make sure that at least one of them caters to these allergens.  Each meal on the menu is labelled with a  G, D, or E, indicating that it is Gluten, Dairy or Egg Free.  Any other allergen issues we can deal with and coordinate directly with the parents. 

Quality Ingredients

We use local, fresh supplies wherever we can. 

Balanced Meals

All our menus follow the School Food Plan.

Online Ordering

Order online when it suits you, wherever and whenever you are.

Delivered in Fresh

We work to tight schedules getting the meals as fresh as possible into our schools.

Sustainable Palm Oil

We are signed up as champions to the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community.  Sustainable palm oil should be the norm, and by signing up, we are telling our suppliers that we only want sustainable. 

Sustainable palm oil (RSPO certified palm oil) must be deforestation free. It must also meet certain standards, which include assessing land for its conservation value before developing new plantations; including wildlife corridors; improving working conditions for producers; prohibiting illegal and child labour; and gaining permission from communities beforehand.  Palm oil is the world’s most efficient oil crop, up to 9 times more oil per hectare than other oils. Switching to an alternative vegetable oil would require up to nine times as much land to produce the same yield. This would lead to more deforestation, not less.

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Forerunner Personal Catering Ltd Unit 1 163 Stouvale Rd

Bournemouth BH6 5HQ

Mon - Fri: 8am - 2pm​

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