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Parent Registration


1. Register Yourself

Go to


and fill in your details and click CONFIRM. We will send a confirmation email to you straightaway. Check your email and on our email click Activate Account.  This will take you to the login screen and login there with the username and password you just setup.

2. Add Your Child

On your first login you will see a big Add Your Child icon.  Click on this and fill in the form that pops up.  Please check the spelling carefully.  Date of Birth is not necessary  For the school, enter the first few letters of your school and then click on your school from the list that pops up. Then select the year and class.  Be sure you have the right details. Then click Done.

If you get an error message, it means we have a different spelling for your child or you have selected the wrong school, year or class. Please check these carefully.  If you can't work out what's wrong then contact us on with your child's details and we will sort it out for you.


3. Add Another Child

You will now go to the main page and see your child's details.  If you have another child at the school or another of our schools then click Add another child in the bottom right and do the same as above.

From there, you can now order meals when your school goes live with the menu for September.

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