We deliver from New Milton all the way across to Broadstone covering all of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch as well as going up as far as Wimborne. By looking at the map below and checking what area you live in on the map where you would like your meals delivered we can show you who will be delivering your meals. PEACE OF MIND - We understand that for many of our clients, our driver is the only person they may see in the day.  If we are at all concerned about someone we will call a family member to make sure they know. So, for example, if we can't get into someone's house or there's no answer our driver will always let the office know and we will call someone.  Every month we are involved in saving people who have had some sort of trouble that day.  This peace of mind is very valuable to the families of many of our clients.
FRIENDLY - We try to keep the same two deliverers delivering to each client as much as possible.  Nearly all our drivers have been with us a long time, with Chris Maguire our longest standing driver - now 8 years!  Our drivers do a lot more than just deliver a meal - they work to establish a relationship with their clients by getting to know their likes and dislikes and often stop to help with little things as well. SAFE - All our drivers are CRB checked - we're the only meals on wheels supplier in Dorset who guarantee this.

Rob Burns has been with us since 2013. He delivers to our customers in the Poole area and has been married for 43 years, with 3 children. Rob has lived in Bournemouth all his life & enjoys delivering and having a chat with his customers. His interests are fishing, and snooker aswell as having a great sense of humour.
You will see Rob delivering to routes 3 & 7.
Jim is one of our longest serving drivers having been with us since 2007 usually he delivers all over Poole and enjoys serving and looking after all his customers.  Jim is a big sports fan with a particular interest in steeplechase and football and also a keen gardener.
You will see Jim delivering to routes 3 & 7.                       
Dave is from South Wales and has lived in Bournemouth for 38 years.He has worked at Forerunner since retiring and has been with us since 2010.  Dave looks after our customers in Poole and really enjoys his work, seeing and looking after his customers everyday.
Dave is a keen Rugby fan and watches East Dorset team every week in the season.
You will see Dave delivering on routes 3 & 7.
Christian Hudson is one of the newest drivers having only started in April 2016 he delivers to the customers in the Westbourne area, and is a former teacher living locally in Southbourne. Christian is used to expecting high standards in a professional enviroment and working for Forerunner is no different. 
You will see Christian delivering on routes 8 & 10.
Roy Travis has been with us since 2014 looking after our customers in the Westbourne and Bournemouth town centre areas. He has been married for 43 years and has 2 children, in his spare time he enjoys Gardening, Diy and decorating. Roy is also our oldest driver at 72 years of age.
You will see Roy delivering on Routes 8 & 10.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Liana Laccarino has been with us since 2012 and was born and raised in Tuscany Italy before moving to England.She now lives locally in Southbourne and knows many of our delivery routes, she normally delivers to the customer in the Southbourne and Muscliffe area and enjoys going to the gym, keeping fit and yoga.
You will see Liana delivering on routes 5 & 11.
Mark Thompson has been with us since February 2015 he was born in Bournemouth and has lived here his whole life. Mark has previously worked for the DHSS and P.D.S.A and in his spare time enjoys sport and long walks. As a driver he usually looks after our customers in the Kinson and Ferndown area. Marks mum is also one of our clients receiving our lunches on a daily basis.
You will see Mark delivering to routes 1 & 2.
Bill Parker has been with us since August 2015 and looks after our customers in the Ferndown and Kinson area, he lives locally in Southbourne and enjoys going on long walks with his partner, Bill is also a keen football fan and supports Wimborne town FC having a season ticket every year.
You will see Bill delivering to routes 1 & 2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Valerie Taylor has been with us since September 2015, and is originally from Essex before moving to Bournemouth 40 years ago. Val lives locally in Charminster and has 3 children, in her spare time she enjoys Holidays abroad, socialising,reading and catching up on the latest movies.
You will see Val delivering on routes 4 & 9.
Kim O'Connor has been with us since November 2015 and is one of our very talented floater drivers knowing all of our deliver routes filling in when your regular delivery driver is on holiday.. Kim has been married for 21 years and has 3 children, her previous jobs were working at max factor, websters and west country vending. Kim hosts foreign students in the summer months and loves spending time with her husband and children.
You will see Kim occasionally on any of our routes.
Ray Travis has been us since November 2016, Ray had previously worked with us for 6 years until a couple of years ago. He is now one of our floater drivers who deliveres meals on all of our delivery routes. Ray enjoys spending time with his wife outside work, and enjoys a game of snooker in his spare time.
Trish Van-Wyk has been with us since January 2016, she has lived in Bournemouth all of her life and is married with 3 children and 2 grand children that always keep her busy. Trish spent 20 years in Adult social care before retiring and coming to work for us, she enjoys reading, walking her dogs and spending time with her family.
You will see Trish delivering on routes 1 & 2 
Malcom Rock has been with us since March 2017 & looks after the customers around the town center of Bournemouth and the Westbourne areas.  Malcom has previosly worked delivering meals on wheels. In his spare time Malcom enjoys the football, and is a season ticket holder at AFC Bournemouth.
You will see Malcom delivering on routes 8 & 10.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Sabrina Strangward is one of the newest and youngest drivers we have at Forerunner having only started in April 2016, looking after our customers in the Ensbury park and Charminster areas.Formerly Sabrina owned her own catering business and has a passion for food. Sabrina has been married for 5 years and enjoys long walks with her partner in her spare time.
You will see Sabrina delivering on routes 4 & 9.
Chris was born in Romsey and moved to France as a teenager and is consequently bilingual.  He has worked since 1989 between France and the UK, but the UK's south coast eventually won out and Chris has now been here for twelve years being our longest serving valued driver. Chris also has a second job working in a local hotel which he has done for many years.
You will see Chris delivering on routes 6 & 12.
Steve Malin has been with since July 2015 and usually delivers to the customers in the Southbourne and Muscliffe area. Steve used to be a postman for 29 years before he joined Forerunner, He enjoys all sports but in paticular fishing and football.
You will Steve delivering on routes 5 & 11 
Ian Roberts has been with us since March 2016 and usually looks after our customers in the Mudeford area. Ian has recently moved to Dorset in the last 3 years from Somerset and  spent many years as a telecom Engineer for Alcatel, before moving into legal services shortly after. Ian Lives with his partner in Christchurch and has one son, he enjoys playing the guitar,drums,playing darts and table tennis.
You will see Ian delivering on routes 6 & 12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Chris Caller has been with us since March 2016 and usually looks after the customers in the Southburne and Muscliffe area, Chris has lived in Bournemouth all his life and prior to retiring worked as a CNC machine engineer before becoming one of our drivers. He enjoys Sea fishing, walking and watching TV.
You will see Chris delivering on routes 5 & 11.
Paul Applin has been with us since March 2014 and normally delivers to the customers in the Highcliffe and Mudeford area. Paul worked as a scaffolder for 27 years and then 18 years in the catering trade so he is an ideal choice for a Forerunner driver. Paul is very keen on Speedway and for the last 35 years he has been clerk of there Poole speedway course.
You will see Paul delivering on routes 6 & 12.
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