We are very lucky in the two chefs we have at Forerunner - Each day, we prepare our food fresh.  Each meal, for each customer is prepared individually.  It is this process which allows us to cater to all our clients' individual needs.  All our meals are delivered on proper porcelain plates.  We think that eating from a plate is a lot more dignified than eating from a plastic or metal tray. We do our best to ensure our meals look attractive and taste great as well as being nutritious.   All our food is prepared fresh from scratch.  We do not use any processed products in our main meals so you can be sure that what we say on our menu is what you will receive.
Our Team.
 Our kitchen is a  state of the art facility in Southbourne in Bournemouth.  We have the latest equipment and our own processes which   have been refined over the years to bring the quality that we think everybody deserves.
 Meals being prepared by hand by our wonderful kitchen team.
 Each day starts by preparing each client's meal.  As each meal is individually prepared by our chefs and their assistants we can       accommodate anybody's needs.  Pureed, special vegetables, vegetarian, it doesn't matter. We work very hard to bring everybody what     they want. 
Once all our meals are prepared they are then loaded onto trolleys for cooking.
Our meals are now ready for the oven.
   Inga & Amy happy at work.
Osvaldo & Marco dishing up our desserts ready for delivery..

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